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New Guidelines for In-Person Worship

As you know, in-person worship will resume at Cahaba Springs on Sunday, June 28, 2020. In order to protect the health of all who attend, the church has adopted the following guidelines:

1. Only the front doors nearest the parking lot and the side door will be unlocked. Unless there is inclement weather, the front doors will be opened fully to allow entry without using door handles. In the event of inclement weather, a volunteer wearing gloves and a mask will open the door. Another volunteer will be at the side door to assist.

2. The temperature of everyone entering the church will be taken by a volunteer, using a no-contact thermometer.

3. Masks will be required for everyone entering the church and must be worn until seated in the sanctuary. At any time someone leaves their seat, they must wear their mask, including following worship.

4. Hand sanitizer will be on the table in the narthex for all to use as they come into the church.

5. Bulletins will be handed out by a gloved volunteer; none will be placed on the table in the narthex.

6. There will be signage “in” and “out” of the sanctuary . . . center doors being in and side doors being “out”

7. Only every other pew will be open; the others will be taped off.

8. Those sitting in the pews must keep at least 6 feet distance to the next person, unless from the same household.

9. The pastor and the liturgist will not enter or exit the sanctuary via the center aisle; rather they will enter from the respective doors on each side of the dias.

10. The pastor will not greet members as they leave following worship. Those wishing to speak with him should email asking to speak with him in a private setting.

11. During Passing of the Peace, all will remain standing at their seat and wave to others.

12. No shaking hands or hugging.

13. There should be no more than 2 persons in a restroom at a time.

14. The water fountain will be taped off as not available

15. Initially there will be no community singing . . . all hymnals have already been removed from the pews

16. Initially there will not be a choir; the choir director will work with various choir members asking that a few provide a musical component of the worship service

17. Pew Bibles have been removed for the time being

18. There will be no Nursery at this time

19. Sunday School will not resume at this time

We look forward to welcoming all who want to join us on Sunday morning. Worship begins at 11, but we ask that everyone arrive early in order to allow time for compliance with our new guidelines.

Those who chose not to worship with us on campus at this time, can still join us on the Cahaba Springs YouTube channel.

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