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Learning with and from each other

Gospel Studies and Discussion

Adult Discussion Class Meets each Sunday at 9:30am in the Pastor's Conference Room

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Christians want to be inspired and equipped by God's grace so they can have the more abundant life that Jesus promised in John 1:10.  While most of the culture has drifted away from the good news of John 1:10, more and more Hollywood movies proclaim it in word and deed.

Movieguide's Reel to Reel provides forty-five inspirational devotions that exemplify principles from God's Word, using powerful moments from over 150 great movies.  Each devotion is insightful and uplifting, illustrating a meaningful theme.  Some of the movies included:

  • It's a wonderfu LIfe

  • Hacksaw Ridge

  • Sing

  • Les Miserables

  • Squanto:  A Warrior's Take

  • God's Not Dead 2

  • Amazing Grace

  • Smurfs: THe Lost Village

Movies are a powerful medium to communicate truth.  Reel to Reel will help you discover God's heart in movie favorites as you enjoy the relaxation of entertainment.

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