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Genesis Gallery for April and May, 2019

Check out the latest art show at the Genesis Gallery at Cahaba Springs Church, 6110 Deerfoot Parkway, Trussville, AL 35173. This show will be up April and May, 2019. You will see work by George McLean, Kathy Prince and Laura Reichert. All artists reside in Trussville, and you can find out more about them by reading their bios. Just scroll down this page, past the photos.

The Genesis Gallery can be viewed at the following times: Monday and Tuesday, 9:00-4:30; Wednesday, 9:00- 11:30 and 5:00-8:00 pm; Thursday, 9 - 11:30; Sunday, 9:00-12:00.

These pictures are some examples of their work.

Trussville Artist, Laura Reddick Reichert

She paints, draws, and sculpts with clay, wood, fibers and found objects. She practices printmaking, keeps visual journals, weaves wall hangings, knits, teaches, takes photographs, and generally leads a creative life, making sure that she creates something every day. The finished products are results of the fun she has in her studio practice.

Laura Reddick-Reichert, wife, parent and grandparent, is a dyed-in-the-wool Presbyterian (USA), attended UAB, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, and completed a BS degree in Art Education, with teacher certification in grades K-12 and a studio concentration in printmaking.  She completed a Master’s Degree in Art education at UA with a studio concentration in Fiber Arts.  Reichert taught K-12 public school visual art for 38 years, winning numerous professional awards and is now retired but still works at her home studio, in community venues as a volunteer teacher and at church. She is a life-long learner and continues to tweak her art-making methods with each new piece created. She is encouraged and challenged to be a better artist by her supportive husband, Arnold. Her favorite quote about making art: “The purpose of creating art is not to produce a product but the purpose of making art is to produce thinking.” (Erik Wahl)

Laura Reddick Reichert may be reached via email at,  Leave a message on her home phone at: 205-655-0544      


George McLean

George, McLean, faithful member of Cahaba Springs Presbyterian Church and active choir member, is a long-time Trussville resident. Engineer by profession and avid guitarist by avocation, he designed and led the building crew for the amazing bell tower you see as you enter the church property at the drive through loop. In 1970 the Toronto Daily Star published a photograph of a very old and beloved tiger. Blind in one eye, he had lived at the old Riverdale Zoo for many years and was about to be moved to the new Toronto Zoo.

McLean says, “I had never painted before but decided this old boy would be my first attempt. In the last year the urge to draw has returned.”


Kathy Prince

Welcome to my art. I hope you enjoy it. What you will find here are color pencil drawings that I have done since 2014 after being inspired to take on the challenges in Color Pencil Magazine. It is purely a hobby for me though I aspire to grow in my artistic pursuits as I move toward greater free time in retirement. I have no formal training but I devour art books and videos and learn through much trial and error. My subjects are drawn from nature but they often reach out to me through the play of light or color or pleasing composition observed in a scene or a photo. I find a lot of joy in creating. It is always a challenge to turn an imagined idea into a tangible thing and even more fun to learn from each piece I do and improve and grow as an artist.

Kathy Prince is a pharmacist by profession and has lived in Trussville or 25 years.

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