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For Those Who Are Bent Over

Please Join us this Sunday, August 25 for our Rally Day breakfast and program at 9 and worship at 11. This week's worship is led by liturgist George Fritsma and our Pastor, Dr. James D. McLeod. Dr. McLeod's sermon title is For Those Who are Bent Over based on Psalm 103 and Luke 13. Our Chancel Choir provides the anthem, Come, Christians Join to Sing.

As mentioned, this Sunday is Rally Day. We'll come together for breakfast at 9 followed by a presentation of our new Fall activities. Our worship time returns to 11 AM. Please bring your monthly TEAM offering of non-perishable food.

Shortly after worship we gather for a shower for Traci Goodwin and baby Amelia. Then at three everyone is invited to our Genesis Gallery reception featuring Doug Bryant and his exhibit, Alabama Roads and Side Streets.

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