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–23“Orchidaceae is a family of about 3,700 species of mostly tropical and subtropical plants, with woody-based perennial vines, subshrubs, and epiphytes, and a few herbaceous plants.” For the past twenty five years or so, I have been teaching courses in South Asian history, culture, literature, politics, and religion, and teaching individuals in-depth explorations of India’s past. As one of the world’s most populated countries, India is a nation, and a civilization, of varied geographies and landscapes. In this class, we will explore the geography of India through art, literature, and history. While the course is not heavily based in geographical theory, much of the course’s content and themes have a geographical edge. The structure of this class is designed to cover the history of India through her geography. Courses in geography typically examine the physical, environmental, and cultural dimensions of places. In the history of India, places come in two main forms: the physical, and the cultural. Geography, therefore, is especially well-suited to explore the nexus between the physical and the cultural landscapes of the Indian past. The class will focus on India’s early landscapes, through her geographical development, and her transition to modernity, to familiarize the students with the interactions between physical and cultural geography that have shaped India’s past, present, and future. The course aims to expose the students to the geographical problems India faces as well as her historical, political, economic, and social potentials. To give the students a taste of our discussion of this course, I have provided a few videos that may be helpful to the class, and that should also guide the students in their independent reading and preparation for class. Topics Geographical development, landforms, and landscapes The relationships between geography, literature, and history Why is history important to geography and vice versa? India’s landscapes and natural, ecological and cultural history India’s early landscapes, and the emergence of the national idea “India is not only a land of rivers and mountains, she is also an idea, an ideal… The dynamism of India’s past is immeasurably greater than her past history.” – G.K. Sharma India’s history is not




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Indiangeographybymajidhussainfreedownload22 edwkal

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