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The Leslie Bruce Exhibit

Art on canvas by Leslie Bruce

The Genesis Gallery at Cahaba Springs Presbyterian Church, Trussville is pleased to announce our newest exhibit featuring the art of Leslie Bruce.

Here's how Leslie describes her art journey:

I began sketching pages from my coloring books when I was six years old. As a teenager, I was given paint sets. Soon I was gifting and selling my art. However, as a working mom, art became a hobby that I practiced only during vacation time. Then a couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with stage three cancer, and art became my therapy. My focus was strong as I went about producing a portfolio of work. I remember having feelings of hope. And now it occurs to me that I'll always strive to be an artist because it makes me happy.

For more information and a sample of Leslie's work, click here. Better still, come see her exciting work on display at the Genesis Gallery. The exhibition will be available for viewing through October, 2019.

The Gallery is open during the following times:

Monday and Tuesday - 9am - 4:30pm

Wednesday and Thursday - 9am to 11:30am

Friday - CLOSED

Cahaba Springs is located at 6110 Deerfoot Parkway in Trussville.

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