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The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Cahaba Springs members and friends...

You're invited to study and worship with us on Sunday, March 31 as we observe the fourth Sunday in Lent. Bible Study is at 9:30 and worship begins at 11. This week's service will be led by liturgist John Holcomb and Pastor James D. McLeod. Dr. McLeod's sermon title is Down in the Mud, based on Psalm 32 and Luke 15. Our Chancel Choir will present the anthem, Come Unto Me.​

Please plan to join us throughout the week. Our Prayer Group meets each Monday; our First Tuesday Dinner is planned for April 2; on Wednesday we will have dinnerBible study and choir rehearsal; and Thursdays Together and Chordmakers complete our weekly activities. Also, there are too many special events planned for the weeks between now and Easter to list here, so please consult your bulletin insert or our web site,

The peace of Christ be with you!

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