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CSPC Worship 7-23-23: Parable of the Weeds

Cahaba Springs members and friends, join us in person or online for worship on Sunday, July 23 at 11 led by liturgist Lynda McLean and pastor deNay Kirkpatrick. Our choral anthem is "Great Is Thy Faithfulness."

Click here for our worship bulletin, prayer list, and coming events: CSPC-Bulletin-7-23-23.

A note from Pastor deNay:

Gospel: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, Parable of the Weeds In the parable for this Sunday, Jesus tells the story of a farmer who plants good seed, but the enemy comes and sows weeds in the farmer’s field. When the farmer is asked if the weeds should be pulled out, the farmer responds “No, because if you gather the weeds, you’ll pull up the wheat along with them.” (Common English Bible). In verses 36-43, Jesus explains to the disciples what is meant by his story: God will gather up the things that cause “people to fall away,” the weeds. Teri McDowell Ott, editor of The Presbyterian Outlook, reminds us that it isn’t always easy to differentiate between weeds and “good seeds.” The lowly dandelion is considered by many to be a weed, especially when it grows in our well-tended lawns. But the dandelion was actually brought to North America for its medicinal purposes--it is high in Vitamins A, C, & K and can be eaten raw or cooked. This is why we leave it to God to “gather out of his kingdom all things that cause people to fall away” (Common English Bible), for if left to us, we may pull out the good seeds, too. There are great things happening here at Cahaba Springs and I hope you will make plans to attend these special events: * On Saturday, July 29th, from 1-5 we will be hosting an intergenerational Vacation Bible School: “Soul Food”. We will have games, songs, bible stories, and crafts for all ages as we learn about the connection between food and our daily walk as Christians. Come join us! * On Sunday, July 30th, we will celebrate the beginning of the new Christian Education and school year. At 9:30 there will be a breakfast and an opportunity to learn about the wonderful Christian Education opportunities for the 2023-2024 school year. There will be opportunities for adults and children, including a wonderful new curriculum for the children’s Sunday School class. At 11:00 we will have worship, during which time we will bless backpacks for our children and youth and for children at the Presbyterian Home for Children. We will also have a report from our youth who attended the Montreat Middle School Conference. Stay cool and well-hydrated, check on your elderly neighbors during this heat spell. I hope to see all of you at worship Sunday--either in person or online. Remember, I am in the office Tuesdays through Thursdays. Please feel free to stop by and say hello, or schedule a time to chat. Peace, deNay

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