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CSPC Worship 10-29-23: Reformation Sunday

Cahaba Springs members and friends, join us in person or online for worship on Reformation Sunday, October 29 at 11 led by liturgist Haley Crew and pastor deNay Kirkpatrick. Our Bible readings are from Psalm 90 and Matthew 22. Our choral anthem is We Rest On Thee. Click here for our worship bulletin, hymns and readings, prayer list, and coming events: CSPC-Bulletin-10-29-23.

Today we observe a historic Church of Scotland form, "Kirkin' O' the Tartan." Also, we again have the opportunity to observe the "Communion of Empty Hands," this week as we support Three Hots and a Cot. We come forward with our offerings for Three Hots and a Cot, our tithes, and, if we haven't had the opportunity to do so, offer our stewardship commitments for 2024. See the bulletin for details.

Come Home to Cahaba!

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